Apr 15, 2016

Venezuela mockery no money to self-print to self-generators: Maduro suicide bombs at end of show

Maduro: suicide bombs at the end of the socialist show set milestone for this type of self-mockery.
Venezuela: from no money to self-print to must have self-generators
Apr 15, 2016 - "Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power
This episode is part of the series mocking the simulated reality "anti-imperialist Venezuela regime".
More precisely just before the full detonation of suicide bomber playing president Maduro.
Note jokes beyond the headlines such as "socialist government says the El Nino weather pattern is to blame for Venezuela's water and power problems."

Mockery used to pass subliminal messages
This goes beyond the same type of mockery as the "El Nino" punch line: 
"Maduro also said that from May 1, he planned to change Venezuela's time scheme as another way to save electricity. "I'll explain that in the next few days," said Maduro, whose predecessor Hugo Chavez famously put Venezuela's clocks back half an hour in 2007 to allow children to wake up in daylight."
What these lines tell:
- to the human cattle: the socialist show is over. Reminder: May 1, the international worker's day, is the deadline; the time scheme that changes is the same as months earlier in Argentina.
- about illuminati scripts: even such details are most of the times scripted years in advance. "clocks set back half an hour by Chavez in 2007" part of the message passed with this Maduro bomb now.

One week earlier: End of Show milestone for Venezuela and beyond
As grotesque as this episode is, it's stil no match for what iwas not only the climax of this series but also sets an "end of show" type of milestone for the detonation of suicide bombers: "Venezuela Is So Broke It Can’t Even Print Its Own Money".

Simulated reality at the End of Show: Consequences of pushing its self-mockery this far
The article "Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power" does mention a previous episode of the same series: "The president had already ... raised eyebrows by urging women to cut usage of hair dryers."
But why does it omit any mention of ""Venezuela Is So Broke It Can’t Even Print Its Own Money", the climax of this series, that had just been released ?
Because there are limits for adding the same type of extreme mockery, as even the human cattle can start questioning this "reality".

Suicide bombs served as "news": article illustrate two types of limits set to prevent human cattle from computing 1+1 sums 
1. Quantitaive limits, all "ones" in the sum are of the same type. 
The climax for mocking the simulated reality "socialist Venezuela" was omited.
In other words: the "ones" include "must-have self-generators" and "cut usage of hair dryers" but NOT "don't have money to self-print it".
2. Qualititative limits, the classic one, served with about EVERY "news": omiting the member that leads to a logical conclusion questioning the whole story.
In other words: the "ones" nclude the jokes about "Venezuela's energy problems" (in fact what the headlines are about) but NOT that Venezuels is one of the world's largest oil producers.
Related note: this could exceptionally be included in the same type of "news", i,e, related to Maduro's suicide bombs, but this would always be ommited: oil "prices" are about half of the production costs for shale oil in the United States

Apr 7, 2016 - The Venezuelan Government Has an Outstanding Debt of Over $71 million to Its Printer
The world’s most renowned banknotes, coins and paper printing house, De La Rue, based in England, demanded that the Central Bank of Venezuela pay up US$262,647,997 in fees for printing money and passports, among other goods.
In a letter last month,De La Rue Director Ruth Euling told Director of the BCV José Khan that being a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange, the institution has an obligation to declare their financial position “if at any time it deviates from expectations.”

Apr 15, 2016 - Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power
President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday punitive electricity rationing would be imposed on 15 shopping malls and drought-hit Venezuela's time zone would also be modified to save power.
Many of the South American OPEC nation's 29 million people are suffering daily, unscheduled water and electricity cuts as levels recede at the Guri dam complex providing nearly two-thirds of power needs.
Maduro, 53, whose popularity has suffered amid a national economic crisis and stuttering public services, said some major shopping centers had failed to supply their own generators despite being told to do so five years ago.
"The time has come to take a drastic rationing measure against a group of about 15 malls who did not obey the law and are consuming without conscience at a critical moment due to the 'El Nino' phenomenon," he said, without giving further details.
The socialist government says the El Nino weather pattern is to blame for Venezuela's water and power problems. 
But critics insist the state is also responsible for inadequate preparation, investment and diversification of electricity sources.
Maduro also said that from May 1, he planned to change Venezuela's time scheme as another way to save electricity.
"I'll explain that in the next few days," said Maduro, whose predecessor Hugo Chavez famously put Venezuela's clocks back half an hour in 2007 to allow children to wake up in daylight.
In a further bid to save energy, Maduro also decreed Monday a holiday, on top of a Tuesday national anniversary.
The president had already given public workers Fridays off, and raised eyebrows by urging women to cut usage of hair dryers.

Reminder from Last Prophet's words from Aug 2015:
Kirchner, Roussef, Morales, Maduro, suicide bombers transferring national assets to central illuminati safes dressed as "leftists": ALL will now FULLY detonate. 
For a start: Argentina: Crisitna Kirchner blows herself up weeks before Maduro in Venezuela.
Millions protesting in Brazil against Dilma is paradoxically the major obstacle to the script.
Venezuela is the ultimate example for treason, as expected from the BIG LIE framework,
The "globalized" economy is based on oil. To get why Venezuela, one of the oil richest countries in the world, "is basically bankrupt again", start with this:
Venezuela: illuminati suicide bomber Maduro about to FULLY detonate 

Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
The one that is relevant in this context:
#6: Almost no limits to what it will digest each time it's fed with "news". 
In other words: human cattle will recognize neither mockery nor contradiction let alone take the right conclusions while consuming "news", even when this is reduced to only one article or report. 
This inability to compute 1+1 sums upon facts, real or true, even when presented in the same article, also means: almost no limits for serving any script as "news".

With every extra day that syrians resist the war by terror the situation gets more desperate for the Illuminazis. This is why:
Dec 2014: the "oil prices" psy-op starts the final approach to land, to finally briefly touch illuminati's magic number 33 [ground zero finally hit Jan 2016].
Oil "market" even more extreme than Hamburgers and the rest of fast food, where more than 90%, from McDonald's to Burger King, served by one and the same entity, the illuminati.
Fake oil market: Control of oil production, fake oil prices:
OIL wells, rigs, platforms: worldwide only Idlib in Syria, Mosul in Iraq, parts of eastern Libya and East Timor not controlled by the illuminati
Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Venezuela, from Saudi Arabia to Iran, from Nigeria to Angola: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

End of Show: Differences to all other shows, self-named (business, reality, real Truman) or not
Illuminati suicide bombers: black "Obama", "Putin", FIFA's Blatter, IAAF's Coe

Illuminati suicide bombers:
One of the longest detonations, ongoing since the 1975 coup: Israel government destroying Israel from within.
Full detonations:
past: from "Nixon's resignation after Watergate" to "Ukraine's Yanukovich fleeing to Beijing".
coming: from "black Obama confessing the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics to Oprah" to "Putin fleeing Moscow to Beijing".
Part of the same BIG BANG series as 
- "Pope Francis confesses the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History and Religion and Pedophilia" 
- "evil jews of the Federal Reserve confess the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Finance"

Feb 22, 2016

Destroy Uber agenda driver suspected in Michigan shootings for dummies

A Michigan man who worked as an Uber driver was under arrest on Sunday in the fatal shooting of six people in Kalamazoo, as police investigated reports he may have driven customers of the car-hailing service the night of the rampage.
Prosecutors alleged that Jason Dalton, 45, opened fire, apparently at random, in parking lots outside an apartment building, a car dealership and at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kalamazoo, about 150 miles (240 km) west of Detroit.

Uber driver suspected in Michigan shootings, six dead - Destroy Uber agenda for dummies
The specific agenda of this psy-op of the fake shooting series: "destroy the Uber type of companies".
Reminder: This kind of services poses a threat to what illuminati get from human cattle in taxi licenses, reflected in consumer prices.
Advancing the agenda also illustrates two key features of illuminati end times:
- the reduction of humans to cattle: taxi drivers attacking Uber, because they were previously ruined by the fees they had to pay to the illuminati.
- illumininati putting legal barriers to real technology progress.

Days earlier, another example of a psy-op to ensure that illuminati make an easy buck at the costs of human cattle, by targeting it while still children:
Fake deaths can also be used to decisevely manipulate children and teenagers.
What's the main agenda behind the fake death of Viola Beach?
Hint: one of the main illuminati weapons targeting children and teenagers to make billions while profiting from the collateral damage of reducing the mental capability of youth.

Days earlier, another example of illuminati disabling technolgical progress with fake shootings
Apple resisting magistrate order to share iPhone information - for dummies

Fake shootings: general agenda is "disarm citizens". Specific agendas range from set stage for manhunt for christians (abortion clinic) to muslims (San Bernardino).
How to easily identify a shooting hoax: 
Story makes national headlines – hoax 
The president and governor weigh in – hoax 
In less than 24 hours, surviving “family” members of “victim” have already gone through all stages of grieving process and are at the acceptance stage. – hoax 
Surviving “family” members can’t cry on television the day after the event and even smile while they talk about love and forgiveness – hoax. 
“Shooter” is quickly killed or apprehended – hoax. “Shooter” leaves behind manifesto, diary, web postings leaving no doubt that he did it and he was able to do it because of the freedom to … fill in the blank. - hoax 
Shills see posts like these and immediately attack with claims their sister’s brother’s cousin’s father-in-law knew somebody who was there and was shot or saw the whole thing. – hoax
--> Disarm the US citizens - the ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed in the US and EU, ever since systemic collapse in July 2007.
The changes in script ever since show 
- how weak the illuminati are;
- how totally brainwashed the human cattle is, allowing the illuminati, despite their weakness, to transport them to the slaughterhouse.

End of the Age: all UN recognized states controlled by ONE and the same satanic secret society.
Illuminati's Global Economy - the THREE BASIC FACTS