Dec 12, 2011

Global Economy BASIC FACTS about Illuminati control

From Dec 2011, added text identified by date:
End of the Age: all UN recognized goverments controlled by ONE and the same secret society.

Global Economy - the THREE BASIC FACTS
1. All major global companies but two: totally controlled by the Illuminati or more precisely by the Grand Master.
All major corporations, from computers to chemicals, from cars to real estate, are owned by one and the same secret society.
Whenever, thanks to technological innovation, a new company emerges as a global player, it will not take long to be overtaken by the illuminati.
Only exceptions, the two resisters: Google and Samsung, "coincidentally" the duo that does stand for innovation.

2. Stock market: totally rigged.
It was prevously used to mock and strip human cattle from financial assets.
As this role became too obvious: participation of outsiders was reduced to gambling addicts.
The role of "stock markets" is now reduced to make headlines in "reaction" type of psy-ops.
Examples from 2016: plunge after Brexit; skyrocket after polls have Clinton leading.

3. National Accounts are either totally rigged (such as BRICS states) or meaningless already per definition (such as all EU states).
Illuminati not only totally control all governments (read governors) but also ALL "leaders" of the political parties participating in "elections".
In other words: illuminati transfer national assets to their central safes at will.

2016 Update: Samsung now also controlled
Illuminati's revenge on Samsung for what was one of the only real global markets, smartphones, came with literal bombs: the mockery staged as "exploding Galaxies".
Illuminati now also control all christian churches, the Vatican since 1958, starting with "pope" John XXIII. 
As for the pedophile bomb: it was planted by the fake popes, the full detonation is one of the missions assigned to "pope Francis No Number".
Talk of this actor and the smartphones market before it was reduced to the same status as all other "markets:
Jul 2015 - "Pope signs up for World Youth Day using iPad":
This episode illustrates one "church" marketing one of the few illuminati companies that still faced concurrence: Apple v Samsung

Wars between big companies: Last Prophet's words from 2006, illustrated with two examples, both served with "US v Germany" as national qualifiers.
Wars between big companies: US v Germany: contrast two episodes 
Walmart vs Aldi and Lidl: war on germans: joke about the real World War II
German Bayer's assault on American Monsanto joke about ongoing genocide

Destroying any competition while putting legal barriers to real technology progress: From Uber to Airbnb type of services

The TRUTH is as simple as this:
You are not aware of what does one and the same entity totally controls. What you should have been a long time ago. 
See National Accounts here:
UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals what do illuminati TOTALLY control

Debt hoax: fake IMF/ECB loans: D'Alemma in truth in plain sight

For Jonathan Pryce as pope Francis after playing argentinian Peron in the official simulated reality of Hollywood, start here: